REAL TIME RENDERING’s On-Site Twinmotion Training travels to you so you don’t have to!  We get to really understand the culture and requirements of your business.  We can train in your studio or conference room, and work around you.

All of REAL TIME RENDERINGS’s training courses are tailored towards your particular requirements to maximise your creativity, productivity and efficiency during the design process.

Course Content

Our On-Site Training travels to your you to provide training from the comfort of your own studio. Our training course can be tailored to suit your specific requirements to maximise the benefit of Twinmotion to suit you and your team. Our training course content is outlined below, if you wish for any specific requirements to be added just let our team know.

• Software Integration

Integrating Twinmotion with your current design software and plugins.

• Interface & Short-cuts

User interface breakdown and keyboard teaching shortcuts.

 Libraries, Objects & Imports

Exploring Twinmotion libraries. Using and transforming objects.

• Materials & Custom Materials

Applying and editing materials. Creating custom materials and libraries.

• Custom Libraries

Creating custom asset libraries and how to share the libraries.

• Landscaping & Environment Context

Using landscape sculpting tools and adding vegetation to the environment.

• Importing Models

Importing settings configuration and importing existing BIM models.

• Lighting & Interior Lighting

Using and applying lighting. Creatings shadows and editing settings.

• Adding Details

Adding furniture, people and animals. Using time and weather changes.

• Cameras, Animation & Virtual Reality

Camera, image and video settings. Creating animation clips and paths.

On-Site Training Twinmotion Pricing

The rates for all training courses held On-Site are as below:

1 Person: £595 + VAT & Expenses

2 People: £695 + VAT & Expenses

3 People: £795 + VAT & Expenses

Book Now

Please contact the team at REAL TIME RENDERING to book your training course and to discuss your training requirements.

Use the contact details below to enquire about training dates or for further information on the training we provide.

m: 0771 363 32050  t: 01509 643396

Types Of Training

REAL TIME RENDERING offers different types of training to suit you and your business needs, please click on the links below to find out more information of the types of training offered and what is in entailed.

High quality online training tailored to your needs without ever needing to leave your office. These can either be full courses, or personalised focused sessions to explore very specific topics and questions.

In-House Twinmotion training at our studio based in Loughborough for individual clients along with group sessions. The software and hardware is provided during training sessions along with a projector screen.