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V-Ray Annual License

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А Workstation license includes 1 Graphic User Interface (GUI) and 1 V-Ray Render Node

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Annual license. Billed every year. Includes access to all updates and future versions.

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Free support

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V-Ray Annual License

А Workstation V-Ray Annual Licence includes 1 Graphic User Interface (GUI) and 1 V-Ray Render Node

V-Ray Annual Licence. Billed every year. Includes access to all updates and future versions.

Visualize designs in real-time

Now with V-Ray Vision, you can visualise your designs in real-time while you work. Move around your model, apply materials, set up lights and cameras—all in a live real-time view of your scene. And when you’re ready for photo quality renders, V-Ray is ready to go.

Lighting made easy

Adjust the lights in your scene even after you render. With Light Mix, once your scene is rendered, you can interactively adjust the brightness and colour of any light without having to render again.

Add randomness for realism

To create more realistic materials, new tools have been added that randomize textures and colours. The VRayUVWRandomizer lets you randomize texture coordinates and includes Stochastic Tiling that automatically fixes repeating textures. Built-in controls have also been added to the VRayMultiSubTex material to randomize colours.

Improved Sun and Sky model

Render your scene at the perfect light of magic hour. The Improved Sun & Sky model is more accurate, with a better-looking sunrise and sunset, even as the sun dips below the horizon.

Optimized V-Ray Core

V-Ray 5 is the fastest and best rendering experience yet.

New software architecture

Much faster scene loading and scene export thanks to the newly refactored V-Ray backend.

Post-process your renders right in V-Ray

V-Ray 5 features a new V-Ray Frame Buffer. With built-in compositing, you can make colour corrections, combine render elements and save them as pre-sets to be used in future—all without needing another app.

New layered V-Ray material

The V-Ray Material now includes built-in Coat and Sheen layers. Coat makes it easy to create materials with reflective coatings like varnished wood, and Sheen makes it easy to   fabrics like silk, satin, and velvet.

Improved contour rendering

The global Contours control gives you more control over linework, making it easier than ever to give your renders an illustrative look.

Dirt and weathering

Give your models a weathered look with the improved V-Ray Dirt texture. Add dirt and streaks anywhere—in corners or across entire surfaces.

New documented API

For developers looking to create and connect tools with V-Ray, there’s a new fully documented API to make it as easy as possible


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